Born on the Aleutian Islands, Lisa has lived in Taiwan, Philippines, London, Chicago, and now resides in Los Angeles. Her love for music started early, with her voice truly taking shape after high school. After landing the lead with a repertory theatre in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, she found the courage to dance, act and sing for a nightly audience. She was hooked and proceeded to get her BFA in Musical Theatre from Chicago’s Roosevelt University. She spent the next several years in the Chicago theatre scene before domestic bliss set in. Embracing “mommyhood”, she put her professional performing aside to raise her babies. After moving to Los Angeles, she seized the opportunity to return to music and has refocused on the simplicity of acoustic sets and studio recordings, which has opened up the world of TV sync placements. Her rendition of Bring it on Home to Me was featured on 90210 (collaboration with Keaton Simons) and her soulful take on Nothing Can Change this Love was featured on TV’s Arrow. She is thrilled to be working in music again.